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Weather Flare is a smart weather app. Teach the app about how the weather affects you and get a real-time, personalised weather forecast. Weather Flare can predict your ‘good’, ‘bearable’ or ‘bad’ days up to 5 days in advance - that’s the smart bit.


2,500 years ago, the Greek Physician Hippocrates noticed a connection between the weather and the way we feel. We think he was right, and the science backs us up - ever had the rainy day blues or felt more tired on dark winter days?

If you have flare conditions like asthma or arthritis, a ‘bad weather day’ can be serious. A flare-up caused by the weather can lead to painful or even dangerous symptoms. Imagine being able to predict your bad days - life-changing.

Our mission is to help you take control of the weather.

Download the app and find out how the weather is affecting you.

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“I know the weather affects my palindromic arthritis. I thought there must be some sort of app I could use to work out when I’m going to have a tricky day because of the weather. There wasn’t, so I invented one!”

~ Dave Richtor, Weather Flare Founder



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“This app...has already helped loads of us who struggle with the weather because of our conditions. The graphics are amazing, as is the ‘breathing’ section.”

~ Bethany Sible

“Oh man - this just totally blew my mind! Can not BELIEVE no-one has been this darn clever before. Thank you SO much for using your challenge to help everyone. You are a hero.”


~ Karmakenosi

Weather moods home screen clear.png
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