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Thank you so much to those who took part in our first Beta test. We asked for 50 beta testers and received an amazing 3,336 responses from as far and wide as the USA, Japan, Australia and most of the European countries - so a heartfelt thanks to those who took the time to download and try the app.

We have been in contact with you via email and social media, and know there is a clear need for this app. Our next stage, and what we are working on, is to ensure that all the privacy of data is secure and presented in a way that’s transparent and protects you, the user, by law.

We are also looking to develop the application into a Beta 2 stage test where we will take four conditions and implement the tracking feature. In the meantime, we are looking to work with a University to make sure the data does not create any bias and searching for finance so we can get this out into the world.

In the meantime check out our blog for more information about us. Thanks!

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Know your enemy

When you suffer from chronic pain, attacks and flare-ups can come out of nowhere and completely derail your day. Weather is one of many triggers. While we can’t control the weather itself, we can arm ourselves with the knowledge to control how it affects our pain. For example, if low pressure triggers our pain, we can plan to have a light day indoors when we know a storm is brewing, and make sure we’re stocked up on medications and other pain management tools.

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Beat the brain fog

Can’t you just check the weather forecast? Well, yes! However, chronic pain often comes with a side of extreme fatigue and the dreaded “brain fog”. When all of your mental resources are being drained by pain and exhaustion, small things like remembering to check the forecast or planning for weather fluctuations can feel like monumental tasks. Reminders and prompts help to lighten the mental load.

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Co-Ordinate your care

We don’t always have the words, the confidence or the energy to explain our chronic pain symptoms to doctors, physios and other care providers. An app like Weather Flare can bridge the communication gap and help us to give our care providers a clear picture of what’s happening and when, potentially leading to more effective treatment and management.

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Journey planning

It’s sunny where you are, but what about where you're going and the places you travel through during the day? Need a brolly, sunglasses or a bobble hat, need some sun-tan lotion or your asthma pump? Weather Flare will map out the weather for your journey and notify you of any possible weather changes. Need to pop out and know when there is a break in the weather, or when best to arrange that meeting later in the week? With Weather Flare’s hourly and weekly look ahead we could help you make your day less of a pain

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